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Queer family

Advice on the desire to have children and starting a family, coaching for change and transformation,

Support in crises and conflicts

Coaching and Family Therapy

 There are many reasons why it can be helpful as a family to get support:

How to become a Family

Changes and transformation

Crises and conflicts

  • Support on the way

  • Questions about the desire to have children

  • Which family model suits us?

  • New relationship: bonus parents and patchwork families

  • Improved Communication

  • Work-life balance

  • From the desire for a relationship to the relationship

  • Limits and your own needs

  • Self-responsibility and Mindfulness

  • Shaping relationship dynamics

  • Opening the relationship

  • Find contact with each other

  • Dealing with infidelity

  • How to be Parents after separation or divorce

  • Unfulfilled desire to have children

  • Support in deadlocked conflicts

  • Too much and inappropriate arguing 

  • Toxic communication

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